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Bill's Resume


CAPABILITIES: Data Architect: Extensive experience with database architecture, relational modeling to real world environments, development and implementations. MS SQL (4.21, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0 & 2000) Server, Vb.Net, Visual Basic F/Win (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0), Visual Interdev (1.0, 6.0), Visual Studio.Net Visual Studio 97 and Visual Studio 6.0, ADODB, SQLOLE, VB DAO, VB RDO, VB OLE, WinNT, Win2k, WinXP, API, SDK, Masm ver.’s 1.0 – 6.11.


4/2005 to 6/2005   OSIS – Avanta

Coding of online POS system for Avanta web system.  Development and designe of administration screens, all of which communicated with a SQL Server 2000 database POS system.  Technologies – Visual Studio .Net, ASP.Net, Visual Basic .Net, MS Sql Server 2000.

4/2005 to 5/2005   OSIS – World Trade Club

Coding of events registration system for World Trade Club.  Inclusive of administration screens, all of which communicated with a SQL Server 2000 database storing memberships and event registrations.  Technologies – Visual Studio .Net, ASP.Net, Visual Basic .Net, MS Sql Server 2000.

6/2004 to 2/2005   The Store Inc. (eBay Auction Drop-off site)

Design of complete Information Technology solution automating the eBay Auction Drop-off site operations.  Inclusive of network systems design and implementation, web services picture hosting, User Interface Intake Item Processing, Offline Auction Development tool, Item inventory management and tracking, and cash dispersal modules for client payment.  This system is a comprehensive system involving many technologies.

6/2003 to 2004   Clallam County Economic Development Council

Team Member, Design of Relational Model as foundation for pilot program to implement economic clusters in counties and rural areas requiring rebuild of economic base.  This model will serve as the foundation for all integrated information systems to aid in the planning, implementation, and operation of economic growth plans, models, and clusters.

1/2003 to 12/2003   Bills Utils and SQL Tools

Conceived, Designed, and Coded "MySQL Query Tool" a executable application to apply SQL queries against a MySQL Database in a Windows (95, 98, NT, 2K, XP) environment. This application featured unlimited active scripts, single or double pane query/results operation, multiple query parsing and submission to server, multiple result sets, and a Windows standards GUI interface. Application available for review via FTP.

3/2001 to 10/2003                [Confidential].com

Debugged, repaired, moved, upgraded and migrated a 5000 client SQL server database.  This database is used for billing of 5000+ clients and was kept live during the upgrades and enhancements.  During the project stored procedures were developed and a operations panel was created to verify operations of the entire system.  The database was repaired, the logs were repaired, and upon certification of the database the move to a different server was completed.  Following the move to the new hardware the database was upgraded to SQL 7.0.  The applications software was then upgraded and verified.  Maintenance development as needed continues to current date.

6/2001 to 8/2001     E-Auctions

Developed a complete commercial application to facilitate offline creation and editing of e-commerce auction advertising. This encompassed building a conversion engine to convert word processing text formatting to html.  This software is an offline e-commerce auction editor.  Among other features the software converted fonts, font color, font sizes, font justification, font weights, and font faces from true type fonts to corresponding web page html code.

5/2000 to 4/2001     Sylvan Learning Systems

Team member creating corporate and site operations software (Vb, Sql Server) for national corporation.  Among other tasks developed a stand alone, command line executable to import access databases from sites into corporate SQL server via a nightly batch process exceeding 100 sites nightly (and simultaneously).  Further development of a reverse process to distribute corporate domain data. 

Scope of duties included reviewing earlier failed attempts to create this process, gleaning information from those attempts, and with new information, designing the database schema.  All external calls (Web, MS Access db, and Visual Basic) to the database were via stored procedures and some operations required triggers.  This project began with SQL 7.0, Win NT 4.0 and completed with SQL 2000 and NT 2000.

Additional design responsibilities included communications protocol development from the 100+ MS Access db sites to and from the corporation’s Web and SQL Servers.  This design led to the development of a “black box” (Visual Basic app.) to open the arriving MS Access db’s, test integrity, and insert the contained data into SQL Staging tables.  All operations were logged and external alerts were triggered upon failures.  The logging operations were maintained in a separate SQL Server database and a Web interface was available to view the operation logs.

2000 to 2000 Axis Web

Migrated a 259 megabyte Web site from one ISP to another inclusive of migrating the SQL Server database from version 6.5 to 7.0 during the move. I developed an encryption scheme to protect from unwanted access to the secure portion of the web site and modified .asp's on the Web site to accept a secure encrypted login. 

This included modifying a VB 6.0 .dll to call a SQL 7.0 database stored procedure for validation and decryption. I wrote additional stored procedures in both the SQL 6.5 and SQL 7.0 databases to facilitate the migration.

2000 to 2000 LibertyBay.com

Analyzed existing SQL Server database for fast growing dot com internet company suggesting changes to increase performance and future growth of the company’s in house development needs.

1999 to 1999 Business Software Solutions (India) – Bellevue, Washington Division

Traveled to Oman under contract with Bellevue software firm. Acted as analyst presenting Full Life Cycle Project Development Methodology on behalf of the company to set up a Web based database application development division of the company in Oman.

1999 to 1999 Online Data

Created several SQL 7.0 databases (approximately 4 gigabytes each) from public flat file information retrieved from various states. Created stored procedures to retrieve information from those databases using the advanced text search capabilities of SQL 7.0. The import of the data required reading binary data, transferred from various media including tape and inserting that data, via SQL 7.0 stored procedures, into the databases. (Details confidential.)

1998 – 1999 Microsoft

Developed Visual Basic / SQL server application to generate mailed HTML reports of corporate briefings. In addition developed Visual Interdev (asp pages) Web application to retrieve online reports from SQL Server.

1998 – 1998 Apex Inc. (Vulcan Northwest)

Designed a tool to track the production of web based educational courses. Assembled a team to develop the application. Developed and deployed the application. The application tracked the production of college courses that were completely electronic in nature and thus is kept on a file server. 

The application was designed to catalog all the production assets and finished portions of a course, to track the creation of each course through its stages of production, and to connect the activities of the producers to production courses in development, in revision and upon completion.

1997 to 1998 Scitor Corporation

Upgraded MS-Access application from MS-Access 2.0 to MS-Access 97. This work involved revising the database schema to correct relational data errors as well as porting the application to MS-Access 97. In addition the database was configured to meet the needs of a future upgrade to SQL Server should the client decide to do so.

1997 to 1997 Air Touch Cellular 

Developed cross platform data access (IBM 3270 mainframe, Unix) via the use of Attachmate Extra personal client from within the VB 5.0 environment. This process is commonly known as screen scraping. The process was being upgraded from API calls (VB 3.0) to OLE (VB 5.0).

Design and Development of a visual basic code parsing engine that categorizes and inserts Visual Basic code into a database for retrieval and analysis. This allows instant documentation of undocumented Visual Basic projects. The database is queried and returns information regarding the residence of variables, calls to other modules, etc. to trace and document the logic of the VB code.

1997 to 1997 Database Inc.

Design and Development of Kermit protocol interface from SQL Server through VB/com port to hand held barcode scanner. The hand held bar code scanner contained an operating system written in C with special bios designed for the scanner. The Kermit protocol interface, (called form Visual Basic) allowed two way communications with the hand scanner. The VB interface also stored and retrieved information from and to MS SQL Server ver. 6.5.

1995 to 1997 Microsoft

License Wizard – Team member developing an application for Microsoft personnel to use in the field (world wide) that automated the licensing of Microsoft products to OEM clients.

Human Resources Database – Worked on a team charged with receiving and maintenance of resume storage and retrieval application used by Microsoft.

Channel Measurement Operational Data Store (CMODS) – Large team project to develop import program to automate receipt and storage of channel measurement data Microsoft received from world wide.

Genesis – Team project creating a blanket purchase order system for Microsoft suppliers.

Opus – Team project creating an employee credit card tracking and payment system for Microsoft employees.

Drop Point Analyzer - Designed, planned, developed and maintained an analysis engine, that will allow the user to literally capture complete database statistics inclusive of SQL procedural code and store that time dated information in a SQL database for comparison to previous captures.

Stored Procedure Test Panel - Designed, planned, developed and maintained an application that allows the user to view not only the stored procedures in a database, but the dependencies and parameters as well. In addition the Stored Procedure Test Panel provides a query window with the stored procedure and its parameters for execution. A results window is supplied to view returned data by the sp.

Data Generator - Design and Development and maintenance of an application that allows the user to create flat files with wild cards. The flat file definition can be saved and reused as SQL Server sample data.


    Cash Flow Analysis
    Profit & Loss Analysis
    Accounts Receivable Management/Billing
    Patient follow-up project completed for Physical Therapist
    Office Management System (networked) - Mental Health Clinic
    Channel Measurement
    Projects written for Telemarketing Industry
    P. O. S. projects written
    Inventory Control Software
    Insurance Rating Software
    Network Design & Installation
    Lead Management
    Production Statistical Analysis
    Timber Cruising (data compilation & report writing)
    Advertising Account Billing & Management
    Hardware Controls