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This is where you can download music selections Mr. Harper has recorded.

ALBUMS - The "Tunes"

"Raw Country Cheese", December 8, 2005

Mr. Harper's first, all digital album, "Raw Country Cheese", is a new and unique sound created by Mr. Harper.  The album was recorded by overdubbing tracks which means all parts (Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass guitar and operation of the electronic drummer) were all performed (at different times) by Mr. Harper then mixed down to create the recording.

This new sound is a format that is in step with today's driving bass sounds and a unique guitar twist showcasing Mr. Harper's unique guitar style.  Coined "Country Cheese" this new sound fills this album namesake "Raw Country Cheese" because it is the pilot project undertaken by Mr. Harper to develop this new sound.  

Here you have an opportunity to see history in the making, an early release of work in progress.  Check back often because the tunes change, sometimes daily.  New parts are added, new tunes are added.  See it evolve!  (now released)

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email Mr. Harper billha (at) nwlink (dot) com.  (at) = @ (dot) = .

The Breeze  This new tradition of Country Cheese could be known as Country Swiss Cheeze because there is a breeze coming through.  Real cheeze through and through! (11/15/2005)

Crazy Arms  This is a rendition of a very old country standard in the new tradition of Country Cheese (10/18/2005)

Honky Tonk Angels  A country standard from way back, this tune made the transition to Country Cheese in a fashion that really stands out. (10/20/2005)

You Are My Sunshine  Probably the most famous country standard of them all, this song is  to Country Cheese what milk is to cereal.  Got Sunshine? (11/21/2005)

Will You Be Mine  This is an original composition written and performed (Guitar, Bass, Vocal and electric drum operation :-) by Mr. Harper in the new tradition of Country Cheese.  The song is dedicated to Ms. Harper and is a rendition of how he met and proposed to her. (11/02/2005)

Six Days on the Road  True Truck Drivin' Country Cheese, through and through. (10/26/2005)

Please Please Baby  You know guys, when you think your really tough just let that cute little woman walk out the door and all hell breaks loose.  This Bill Harper Country Cheese rendition originally by Dwight Yokam explores that very scenario with alarming accuracy! (12/04/2005)

Aint Got Nothin To Lose  Here is Mr. Harper's theme song. Written by Charlie Daniels and Bobby Bare this song encapsulates the real life drama of picking your self up by the bootstraps. (12/12/2005)



Kookin' on All Four Burners, 1982, 

Bill J. Harper

The album, "Kookin' on All Four Burners" was recorded by Mr. Harper via the use of over dubbing.  All parts were created, arranged, directed and performed by Mr. Harper with a guest appearance by bassist Jef C. Boyd on the tune "Drivin' My Life Away".  Back up vocals also performed by Mr. Harper.

This has been a long time goal of Mr. Harper to digitize these songs.  The original reel to reel tapes have aged and will soon be unusable so the digital conversion was the only way to maintain the recordings.  If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to email Mr. Harper billha (at) nwlink (dot) com.   (at) = @ (dot) = .

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound  (rendition of a Hank Jr. song, Bill's way)

Folsom Prison Blues  (This would have been the way Hank Jr. would have done it.)

Drivin' my Life Away  (Eddy Rabbit tune.  Listen for the dual guitar parts (lead).  Strat on one channel and a Telecaster Delux on the other channel.  Both parts were played independently.

Droppin' Out of Sight For a While  (Bobby Bare did this one, it is a swing ballad, kinda bluesy)

Folsom Prison Jr.  (This is what Johnny Cash Jr. would have done to pappy's song!)

Hidden Valley    (Written by Jef Boyd and Bill Harper about real life events in Hidden Valley nestled behind Cle Elm, Washington)

I Could Sing to You  (Romantic Ballad, written by Mr. Harper)

Lay Down Sally  (The old Eric Clapton tune with a musical twist)

Workman's Blues  (An original by Mr. Harper)




PowderRiver Band, 1983, Bill Harper (lead guitar & vocals),

Chris Judy (bass & vocals) , Leo Bidne  (rhythm guitar & vocals), Ron Casey  (WWW.CASEY.ONTHEWEB.COM) (percussionist extraordinaire)

Gonna Go Huntin Tonight  (Lead vocal, Chris Judy)

Swingin (Lead Vocal, Bill Harper)

Cry'n My Heart out Over You (Lead Vocal, Leo Bidne)