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Powder River Bill/Jef


Powder River Band the duo with Bill Harper and Jef Boyd was extremely popular and successful.  The two were joined by "Steady Eddy" Rowland, a drummer of incredible memory, precision, and dependability.  During all the time Steady was with the group he only missed one engagement.  Mr. Harper was at fault as he left Steady in the recording studio.  If you have not visualized Mr. Ed Rowland yet, he was an electronic personality, err aha, electronic drummer. 

Mr. Harper and Mr. Boyd worked side by side for many years.  As a duo, trio, foursome, and five piece band.  There is so much to be said for the understanding achieved between two people when they work at such a coordinated job for so long.  For this reason Mr. Harper refers to Mr. Boyd as "brother" although no blood lines exist in common between the two.

Mr. Harper and Jef Boyd play a lead.

Here is a picture of Mr. Harper and the Les Paul Pro with waffer pic-ups.  The quintessential rock guitar of all times.  It was a great guitar!

Music is supposed to be Fun!

Lead guitar work on a Fender Telecaster Delux.

More fun ... what can I say ...