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Procedure Generator



Stored Procedure Generator

Stored Procedure generator stirs the industry

01/12/01 -- Baltimore, MD - Bill J. Harper released the much anticipated SQL Server development tool named "Stored Procedure Generator" today.  

This automated tool to develop encapsulated data manipulation routines for compilation and use in a SQL Database Server greatly enhanced the deployment times of a nationwide enterprise education information technology platform.  

The use of this automation tool reduced new version release times from several days to just a couple of hours.  The significant savings meant that the industry leader in supplementary education was able to deploy needed changes in a single overnight period to over 120 locations throughout the United States.  The consistency across the enterprise was essential to the companies success.

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Bill J. Harper  G.D.C.
Internet: billha (At) nwlink (Dot) com  (symbols shown spelled to avoid spam)