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MySQL Query Tool



MySql Query Tool

By Bill J. Harper


MySQL Query Tool is a program interface to execute SQL Query statements against a MySQL database server.  This program will not work with other servers (e.g. MS Sql Server).  You must have access and permissions to a MySQL server to execute queries with this program.

Main Screen:


The MySql Query Tool is capable of managing multiple query sets.  A query set is a query of sql words and the results set that query produces. 

You can have as many query “sets” as you want.  The query sets menu will dynamically increase its line contents (adding a line with the word Query and the associated number)  each time you choose to create a “New” query from the file menu.




The Connection [Login] menu item (or the Connect to Server toolbar button) will bring up the Login dialog screen.


Online Help:

This is the entire help system for MySQL.  The SQL transaction key word definitions are found here.  You can use the SQL transaction key words to build scripts to create, modify, populate and manipulate databases.


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