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Dyno Reading


I used a Bud's dyno to check this motor.  Bud's dyno reported a factor of 4.4.  When using a Bud's dyno it just returns a number and you compare your numbers to experience in the field.  4.4 is pretty sick.  That's about a 12 mph r/c.  

Strong RC10T's will hit about 22 mph for reference.  I use a radar gun so the numbers here are indeed accurate.  Some of the stuff I see on eBay where some guy claims his electric truck does more than 30 mph is usually either dysfunctional or is lying.  Traxxas claims their fast car (4-TEC) will do about 25 mph.  You really have to be pedal to the metal, running downhill, with a hurricane force wind from behind, and anything else your can come up with to break the 30 mph barrier with a six cell electric single motor RC.  Whoops, did I say single motor, sorry that is a different article!