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Motor Rewinding


Motor Rewind - fun?
What We Start With
Dyno Reading
Take it apart!
Clean it up!
Wind It!
Test it! WOW!

If it Ain't Broke then Why Fix It?

(cause everyone knows it works better if it is re-wired, courtesy Tim Allen)

The links below are a step by step instruction set for the lost art of electric motor rewinding.  While the example below is specific to a particular kind of motor the overall information is applicable to all kinds of motor rewinding.

Motor Rewind - fun?

What do we start with?

For this example we will be using the crem de la crem of Stock R/C motors the exciting 540, a real plain Jane!

What is it's Dyno Reading?

Measure the motors ability before we start so we can compare the improvement when we have finished the project.

Take it apart!

Have you ever tried to take a stock motor apart?  It really isn't easy, here is a easy way to get the job done.

Pop it, Scrape it, Polish it and Clean it up!

Here is the nuts and bolts to preparation of the motor for rewind.

Wind it!

Wind it up Baby!

Put it back together! (Re-Assembly)

Now we are getting close to the moment of truth.

Test it,  WOW!

200%, need I say more?