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Motor Rewind - fun?



When a curious hobbyist gets involved with electric motors and performance the issue of how to get more horsepower from a motor always comes up.

The engineers that design these motors have lots of ways to test for performance in the laboratory.  The problem here is that we do not run R/C cars in a laboratory, well at least not the kind they create the motors in at the factory.  

We do use a laboratory however.  Our backyard, the street in front of the house, the front yard, someone else's yard, a vacant field, a park, and yes at times, our living rooms.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the one other place, the track!  

It is these test areas that are the appropriate place to determine which number of turns and winds that give the best performance for our particular R/C.  This is our license to experiment.

On the following pages I will demonstrate how to create a monster of a motor out of a real weak 540 motor.  I think this one was originally designed to be the heart of a little girls play washing machine!  You can see from the pictures that the factory and manufacturer had a severe shortage of undersized motor winding wire when this motor was manufactured.

When the project is done, we have a unique finished product.  It is ugly, and looks like someone dug it out of a garbage can in the alley, but it really performs.  This rewound, high performance, monster torque motor is called a "Sleeper".  Happy winding! bh :-)