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Flat File Reader


Flat File Reader Software Development Tool.

This software is invaluable if you are working with software development that does not include a user interface.  Yup, this is the at the bare metal stuff.  When you are dealing with old main frame data, mini computer application conversions, and conversions of data from perhaps reel tapes or old cartridges you need to be able to view the data to discern the appropriate structure for the target data and data container.

The ability to see the ascii value of non-printing characters (e.g. Character 255 for instance) makes a huge difference when dealing with data files.  This is where "Flat File Reader" really shines.

Key Benefits

View files in a rulered environment.
View the ascii text value of selected text.
Set start byte and read length
View both Cr-Lf delimited as well as non-line delimited files



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