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Bill's Resume
Port Angeles

Mr. Harper has and does enjoy many different disciplines and endeavors.  Explore the world of "Bill" and perhaps you will find what this visit brought you here to discover.  bh :-)



               Bill's Resume

Bill's Mission

To provide my knowledge and skills to help others and, make who we are, where we live, and what we do, just a little bit better. 

Bill's Profile

Bill is from the Silicon Rain Forest, a.k.a. the GREAT Northwest.  A lifelong native, Mr. Harper resides in the "most beautiful place on earth" the small community of Port Angeles, Washington.  Nestled at the foot of the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles was named the second capital of the United States by President Lincoln as a back up should Washington D.C. fall to the South during the Civil War.  Just seventy miles to the east is Seattle and Bellevue, the home of Microsoft.

Mr. Harper is a member of the Science, Technology and Manufacturing Association on the Olympic Peninsula.  Over 160 science professionals call the North Olympic Peninsula home.

Those privileged to familiarity with Mr. Harper's projects find the attention to detail and solid logical foundation, in even the most complex projects, fascinating.  Whether it be a complex musical recording (Mr. Harper is both an accomplished recording musician and a recording engineer.), a highly tuned, extreme, radio controlled off-road stadium truck, or a piece of down to the metal computer program code, those fortunate to view the completed work are always impressed.  Those purchasing the work receive masterful quality and detail.

Mr. Harper and his associates offer quality, service, and integrity in even the most demanding circumstances.

Bill's Resume

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